Deactivate a marketing list- what happens to the campaigns that are associated with that list? RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    We have recently switched back over the CRM after leaving Mailchimp. Many of our Contacts and Accounts were out of date as we managed all our communication contacts in Mailchimp, so that's been a whole process in and of itself to update those lists. 

    Additionally, we have over 100 marketing lists remaining from "the old days." Many appear to be duplicative (e.g. one is called "Current Customers" and another is called "Current Contacts") or single-use (e.g. "Christmas Cards Contact List 2012). We have created a few new lists that we are currently using for marketing campaigns- however, it's just a pain scrolling through this list of 100+ lists. I would prefer to just delete them all and start over with the new lists, but my boss doesn't want to because what limited data is there, he wants to be able to report on. 

    I've seen from other threads that if I deactivate the lists, any campaigns that are associated with those lists will disappear; i.e. if I look at a contact, it won't show him as having received that campaign. Basically, that our reporting options will disappear.  

    QUESTION: What are my options with all of these left-over lists? Can I create some kind of view called "Don't Use" and hide them all somewhere? I just want to get them out of sight.

    SECOND QUESTION: From now on, when we send a campaign using a dynamic list, we are supposed to Copy that list to Static, so we have that snapshot of who got that campaign. That just sounds like yet another oppurtunity to fill up my Marketing List with stuff that I don't want to sort through on a daily basis. What do I do about them? Another view to hide them away, but keep them "reportable?"

    Thanks for any insight! Happy Tuesday. 

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014 6:11 PM