The un-overrideable unmanaged layer RRS feed

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    CRM 2011 Onpremise - Rollup 5

    1. You install a managed solution MS1.0 to the server which adds field A to the Account Information form

    2. You goto "Default Solution" on the server and add field B manually on the Account Information form. Publish it and now it shows both field A and B. However, it also creates a new unmanaged layer (known as Active Solution in the solutionbase table)

    3. You install next version of the managed solution MS1.1 in both 'Maintain' and 'Overwrite' modes, which tries to add field C to the Account Information form

    4. However, the Account Information form does not show field C

    5. You install other managed solutions from different publishers which want to add fields to Account Information form, but those fields never appear on the Account Information form


    1. If I see summary of Rollup 4, this issue is reported to be resolved. Here's the excerpt from the Rollup 4 summary

  • Consider the following scenario: 
    • You create two unmanaged solutions.
    • You export the solutions as managed. 
    • You import the managed solutions. 
    • You import the first solution again by using the Overwrite setting.
    In this scenario, an unmanaged layer is generated and some original fields are missing.

    2. However, the issue is still reproducible. Can someone explain, why the Active solution can be not be overridden?

  • Manny Grewal || Australia
Friday, November 25, 2011 6:35 AM