Services Dependendencies ? Onecare stopped on my Circle Hub and.... RRS feed

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  •   As Part of my testing I like others set up 3 of my systems all running Vista (Ultimate, Home Proffesional and the cosmetic Home version)   I set the Hub on the Ultimate Box and shared printers, backups to a networked Drive etc..  Suddenly the Ultimate machine descided One Care could no longer run. I receive the Notification Box


                                           "Windows LiveCare cannor continue


    The Windows Live OneCare service is not working or has been stopprd. To correct the problem. try restarting your computer.  If the problrem persistes, contact support."


     As part of the test I put myself in the role of a "comfortable, Good" average - not a SuperUser but  user and followed the instructions. rebooted -and - it persisted, (I stepped out of the user role to check in the logs where I found nothing but  the notification of the start  of the service.  I further checked on the service itself and the services dependencies, all of which were in fact started and functional.) I went back into user mode and looked through the FAQs and newsgroups where I found the suggestion to deinstall and reinstall which I did to no avail.  I did not find any further information for the "user".  I went back to myown role and found that my printers were now somewhat "hosed", enough so that I had to manually reestablish the links on the "host" machine.  I haven't looked at the tho "slaves"


         My question at this point is where would  "user" go now.


         I know what I will probe ( I did install Adobe creative Suite Pro ) so I will sniff around there,  If the time/benefit is not favorable to probing further  I could easily  do a system  restore to an earlier time when I knew it was functuning,  but that would be too easy and not be very satisying,  so I'll hack at if for a while and have some fun.  But seriously, what course of action will the end user need to take, and where is the next line of defence, and what would lead them to that information aside from hiring a consultant or taking the box to a repair shop ?


    (BTW - this kittke bkurb took me quite a while   to type as I acckimate mysekf to this new 8000 desktop keyboard and mouse ! but that is off topic)

    Friday, October 26, 2007 11:00 AM