How do we access CRM from outside our domain (the Internet) RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am a self taught CRM installer/configurator

    Our company needs to access CRM from the Internet and OnPremise. It works fine OnPremise (thru windows authentication) but I am not sure how to setup the Internet access. I use the IFD tool to configure (choosing IFD+OnPremise) and when I use the Check DNS option under the Tools menu, it shows "DNS Resolved correctly".

    We only have one server so I had no choice but to install every component from the CRM 4.0 on our server (Windows 2007 Server SP2) and the "CRM for Outlook" client application on the desktops that the salesperson are using. We are using the SQLServer 2008 installed on the server.The CRM Data Connector was successfully installed also.

    Everything seems to work fine from the company domain but I would need a step by step installation procedure for the Internet access to the CRM.

    What URL do I use ? Can the same machine (laptop) be configured to access onPremise AND via Internet depending on where it connects ? 

    Any help will be greatly appreciated since I am NOT a network developer.

    Thank you.




    Friday, April 30, 2010 6:54 PM