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    I'm going to try something different, since this is a community. We have this Achievement and Recognition system, but it doesn't do any good if no one notices your work, right? The forum world is huge out there, and it seems that a lot of threads go by without being noticed what's happening on them. So...


    If you ever tried answering a question, and no one noticed, then post your Forum thread URL here (for any forum that's tied into the profile system)... if you meet the following three conditions:

    1 - The Asker (or someone else) has not explained why your answer attempt does not solve the issue.

    2 - Nobody (including yourself) has proposed your reply as an answer.

    3 - Any reply is not marked/identified as an answer. (The question is still unanswered.)


    It is okay to include a thread if someone else's reply is proposed as an answer but not marked as an answer (you might feel like you have a better answer). The #3 rule above (that the question cannot be answered yet) exists so that we can focus on unanswered questions for the benefit of the community.


    Then we as a community will go through these threads and help you out when appropriate by either...

    1. Proposing your reply as an answer (if we think it actually answers the question)


    2. Marking your post as helpful (if we think it is actually helpful)


    Let's test this idea out. I might update this process if we need to refine it. Also, if this idea doesn't work for any reason, I'll update this post to make it clear that we stopped trying this approach (that the thread is closed).


    NOTE: If you want to try this out, please mark this post as Helpful.



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    Monday, October 3, 2011 5:30 PM

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