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  •  BEST BUY is crazy!
    I bought a DELL computer that came with a version of VISTA in the PARTITION "D".
    And should also have a recovery disk.
    GEEK SQUAD did damage the recovery partition so that  only them would be able to use it.
    Also the recovery disk was removed from the package!
    But the serial key is on my CPU!
    Well I decided to format my computer and realized that after 2 months that I had bought the computer.
    Why they do that?
    They do it so that users that dont really see what happened pay GEEK SQUAD to get vista reinstalled.
    Well I see this as theft.
    How can they sell only the cd key?
    Isn't that against the law?

    According to DELL if I Press "F8" before windows starts and open the advanced boot options I should be able to install vista from the partition on my hard drive.
    Well I would If Geek Squad didn't mess with that before I bought the computer.
    Then to make sure that was the case.
    I called GEEK SQUAD.
    They confirmed that only there I would be able to use the partition "X" where the missing instalation file on my hard drive was located.

    Well what can I do?
    So I called MICROSOFT.
    They transfered my call to DELL.
    Who said that it was BEST BUY fault.
    I called BEST BUY again.
    They gave me a solution!
    Did you guys know they sell copies of windows vista?
    How cool is that?


    So I called MICROSOFT again.
    I was transfered to DELL again.
    Well maybe they will send me a copy of the recovery disk with windows VISTA on it.
    They have to process my request first.

    According to the MICROSOFT agent that spoke to me, what BEST BUY does is illegal.
    But then what MICROSOFT or DELL will do about that?
    Probably nothing.
    Saturday, September 27, 2008 12:20 AM


  • Hello Warsphinx,

    Your issue appears to be outside of the scope of the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) program forum. In an attempt to assist I would like to provide some information which may or may not be of help. Recovery Media is specific to your computer manufacturer. For further assistance, contact your manufacturer to assist with your request and/or questions.

    Since the telephone number and websites are not maintained by Microsoft we cannot make any warranty as to their validity.
    I have included their contact information here for your convenience. Thank you again for contacting us here in the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) program forum.





    Another alternative may be to visit Dell Community Forums:


    (800) 624-9896

    Curious have you attempted to call Best Buy Corporate Office and explain what you have experienced? Maybe you can submit a complaint thru their Customer Support system. Windows Vista installed on your computer is an OEM SLP version. OEM SLP version are:

    Computers built by large commercial manufacturers that come with Vista Pre-installed come with two (2) Product Keys; SLP and COA Key.  SLP stands for System Locked Pre-install. OEM manufacturer’s add an OEM identifier string to the system BIOS during manufacturing. Windows verifies this identifier during the boot process. In this way the end user will not be required to activate Windows. The OEM SLP Key is geared to work with the special instructions found on that Manufacturer’s computer hardware.  The Product Key is available on the COA sticker and not installed in the computer. For example all DELL OEM SLP Windows Vista systems use a single product key but the COA sticker on the machine contains the unique COA. The key located on the COA sticker should only be used in limited situations and requires telephone activation. Example should you require to reformate the computer the key from the COA sticker would be used. 



    Next I would call Microsoft back and explain to them what the previous call agent explained to you regarding the legality issues etc. In turn ask them what area within Microsoft you may call and explain what you experienced. Maybe they can assist you with this matter. 

    Take care,

    Stephen Holm, MS
    WGA Forum Manager

    Stephen Holm
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