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  • Greetings,

    I am new to Sync, and am assessing its potential use for a task.  I have some specific capabilities questions that I did not see addressed in the documentation and would appreciate some feedback or words of wisdom.  We are trying to build a Sync capability primarily for files and folders.

    1. Does Sync support any versioning capabilities for files or folders?

    2. Is it possible for Sync to initiate a roll-back?

    3. If a file has been determined as changed, is it possible to only transmit the changes or does the entire file have to be re-transmitted?

    4. I read that Sync does not support security, so I am guessing that it does not support role-based permissions.  Would it be possible to support permissions elsewhere in the application?

    5. Is it possible to run Sync over https, or something similar to provide transport encryption?

    6. Does Sync support file compression?   Or perhaps this could be done prior to transmission?

    Thanks in advance for any help in answering these questions.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


    Wednesday, October 26, 2011 6:49 PM

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  • OOTB

    1. NO

    2. NO (afaik)

    3. NO, Entire file is transmitted

    4. NO,  you can write Custom code inside the file sync provider's events to check for roles 

    5. NO (this is a commonly asked question and probably would rank as #1 request for file sync provider)

    6. NO, same as #4 you can probably write some code to compress it before transmitting especially if youre writing code to use https

    that being said, there's no stopping you from writing your own custom file sync provider. i suggest you have a look at some sample file sync providers to see how it's done and the amount of custom code you have to write to enable the above functionalities:

    Thursday, October 27, 2011 1:53 AM