hi im an absolute beginner for anything and everything pc and need help with .rbf files and .sga files in relation to modifying game files. RRS feed

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  • As i said in the title HUGE beginner man, what beginner man needs help with is modifying game files for dawn of war: retribution for my younger brother but have no clue what the hell im doing and as far as i can tell what i need to do is convert the rbf files to readable .txt files as with the .sga files and then change the values and whatever then convert them back to .sga and .rbf files with higher UCS values so the game chooses them over the normal game files and i assume i will need to have these separate from the folders containing the originals but again, im completely spitballing here and have absolutely no clue if any of this is on the money and yeh just need some help without using any downloaded tools preferably both because i dont trust them and because NONE of the rbf converters ive seen have been compatible with windows 10. So to sum it all up can someone help me to modify those .rbf and .sga files to then be useable as a mod in game and if there are easier ways or you need any further info ask away or tell me i will really really appreciate it. THX!

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