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  • I've recently experienced a delayed write error with my WHS. I'm using 4 western digital green power drives. 2x 1TB and 2x 2TB. I tracked it down to be one of the 2TB drives after running a DOS based test program. The western digital lifeguard tools said they were all good as well as the home server yet the dos tools (I tried several) found thousands of bad sectors and seek failures. In the past the server has warned of faulty drives but this time nothing. I'm still dealing with the fall out but it has raised a few questions.

    1. Why did the home server not report the drive as faulty or failing? It was quite hard to work out what the issue was. Is there a better way?

    2. When running the test and repair tools it gets to a point on the drive where the bad sectors begin and after cleaning several hundred the seek failures started and can't repair them. After a few thousand of these I stopped it as it would have taken days. Should I just let the process finish or is it pointless?

    3. After a few attempts of this I got the server to run with out write failures and then salvaged some non duplicated data. Only lost a few movies. I guess I'm not really sure of the next steps to remove the drive? I've started the remove drive process but now it looks like it has hung up. Should I just rip it out and replace it or let it finish?

    4. This is the first real drive failure I've had and it seems the server doesn't seem to handle this very well. Is this the normal response to hard drive failures or is it rare?

    I would appreciate some comments as this is a real pain in the neck and would not like a repeat event. It would be nice to be a bit more prepared if it happens again.



    Sunday, May 29, 2011 8:25 AM

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  • I have an update to this. I managed to remove the drive from the pool after deleting some file conflicts and emptying the recycle bin.  The windows version of the Western Digital Lifeguard tools is now reporting the drive as failed and qualified for warranty on the Raw Read Value. Windows Server still reporting it as healthy??? I have also started a check disk from within windows now so will see how it goes.



    Monday, May 30, 2011 4:23 AM