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  • Asked on behalf of a friend, who has used SyncToy in the past but is now having problems.

    He is running Windows 10 64-bit on a new main machine and needs to backup about 1TB of audio files incrementally onto its 2TB NTFS D: drive.

    The files are on a usb external drive that has to be FAT32 (Note not exFAT) to work with the machine that is source of the files.

    He has experienced SyncToy running extremely slowly and failures. On one occasion I watched (using Teamviewer) as SyncToy completed and gave a message about completing successfully. However he and I went looking for new files on the incremental backup and failed to find them. When we returned to the still open SyncToy window, the message  had changed to one about SyncToy having stopped before completion. Both of us witnessed this.

    I have read on this forum about SyncToy not working correctly with NTFS to FAT transfers.

    Can anyone confirm whether SyncToy does work with W10 64bit v1703, has no limit to file quantity or total size and does still work under W10 with NTFS to FAT32 file transfers.

    Sunday, June 17, 2018 4:13 PM

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  • Update. We did another SyncToy "Contribute" session today, which appeared to complete successfully, in that we checked a random number of files and they all appeared to be there.

    I looked at the SyncToy log file. It showed that the session 2 days ago backed up 31,000 files and found a few (can't remember how many) that required no action.

    Today's backup added about 33,000 files and found about 31,000 requiring no action. This took about 9 hours.

    It is impossible that 33,000 files were added to the source disk in the two days, but both logs show no errors. I would appreciate it if anyone could have a go at answering my previous, now amended to show the correct build number, question.

    "Can anyone confirm whether SyncToy does work reliably with W10 64bit v1803, has no limit to file quantity or total size and does still work under W10 with NTFS to FAT32 file transfers."

    Tuesday, June 19, 2018 5:39 PM