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  • I'm a little confused here.

    At our company we currently use an antiquated analog PBX that we plan on replacing in about 6 months with a VoIP solution.  Additionally, we recently moved from a basic mail and IM solution to Exchange 2007.  (We're currently using the old IM system until we switch to OCS.)

    So, we'll be doing a fresh setup with OCS 2007, Exchange 2007 (w/ UM), and VoIP hardware.  The admin guide refers to this as a "greenfield deployment", and then provides no detail on this setup, assuming that pretty much everyone has legacy hardware they are trying to integrate with.  Maybe someone here could clue me in.

    Obviously, in a new setup we'll need at minimum a main server, a mediation server, and a gateway product to route calls to the PSTN.  Sticking to softphones/Communicator client is unacceptable at the moment, so we'll be looking to purchase some economical hardware-based phones.  So, my ultimate question is as follows:

    Will we need to purchase a separate SIP-based PBX, or can OCS 2007 handle all of the tasks related to registering endpoints, assigning extensions, etc.?

    1.  Can it be done?
    2.  Where can I look to find info on registering SIP endpoints (hardphones) that do not have the "Communicator Experience" installed?

    Thursday, April 19, 2007 2:24 PM


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  • Thanks Russell,

    I will certainly keep that in mind during our test phase.  We are currently a fairly small shop (around 25 active users, 2 locations) - but that number is growing very quickly.

    We're going to test with some Polycom phones (as I mentioned in another thread) and see how far we get.

    I'm still curious about the second part of my question.  Can any generic SIP clients register with OCS 2007, or do they still need to have the SIP extensions for LCS (which I am guessing is the precursor to "Communicator Phone Edition") present?

    Monday, April 23, 2007 6:56 PM
  • We too have been going this route - I caution you against Polycom right now as they are currently not friendly to OCS end-users...for instance, you need to be a reseller to get current phone ROMs and other software.


    Microsoft will be coming out with actual hardware devices to support the OCS roll-out - suggest you expend you energy on getting ahold of one of those (and if you can I'll buy one from you!).  In working with MS for over a year on this I was not able to achieve that and as such am being force to evaluate non MS solutions.  A quick search on "Microsoft Roundtable" will yield a start.



    Monday, April 30, 2007 7:11 PM