Old profile vs new profile - I want my old screen name back! RRS feed

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  • I am searching through the forums, on a completely unrelated issue, and can't find a thing on the subject, which would be off-topic, here.

    So, the site tells me I need to sign in to ask a question. So, I run through that, get the email, verify, and log in.

    I go to ask a question and it asks me for my screen name. I type in - ericm301 - the one I've used for years.

    "Sorry, that screen name is in use"

    Huh? I searched for a profile - ericm301, and found one, created back in 2007, with no history at all.

    I'm pretty sure this is me, but I can't confirm, or even discover what email address it would have been under.

    Is there a way that this old, unused account can be deleted or unlocked, and I can have my real username back?

    Friday, November 9, 2012 5:12 PM