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  •  My team has been using Windows Mobile for some time and we all see the same issues, have the same comments; it is horrible. We were issued these phones by our company and have no choice but to use them.

    They crash, they respond slowly and the OS seems to have been designed to work how someone on the design team wants us to work, not how we want to work. I’d like (several of us would like, actually) to meet the person who thought that not including a way to actually close a program when you’re done with it was a good idea. I’d also like to meet the person who agreed with this and then approved it. I’d like to meet the person who thought that “Themes” meant changing the background picture and the colour  of the start bar. I’d also like to meet the person who agreed with this and then approved it. Why is there a Wireless LAN section config tool and a WiFi config tool too? Why aren’t they one? Why does File Explorer show the photos in My Pictures as files and not thumbnails? Why do I have to go to Pictures and Videos to see thumbnails of the same files in the same folder I was just looking at? Why do I have to go to the menu, after clicking on the call button, to get to Speed Dial? Who the %#$@ wants to pull out a stylus to do a Speed Dial? Does that seem speedy? Why can’t I put a Speed Dial button ON THE TODAY SCREEN OF MY PHONE? I’d really like to meet the people who thought of that one. Why can’t I just have all my stuff on my 4 GB storage card? Why do I have to have some of it on the 150MB device itself? Why does my phone crash every few hours when my Bluetooth headset is connected? It isn’t the phone, I’m not the only one this happens to. Why does the Comm Manager screen look like it was designed by an entirely different team to the rest of the OS? Why does the Calculator look like a drawing of a calculator concept when the phone dialer looks as good as it does? Why don’t the 3 (Comm, Calc and phone) have a consistent design? Do you guys actually have a Calculator team, a Comm manager screen team and a Phone dialer Team? That’s what it looks like. Why is there a Device Information option on the menu of the Phone App? Seriously, why?! Why does clicking on the clock on the today screen (which shows the battery level) show me the battery level? It doesn’t show how much time is left in the battery, oh no – it shows bars – like the today screen.


    I'll stop here for now 'cause I'm getting red-faced. 


    I really do hope the Windows Mobile Professional (like there’s an amateur version) team reads this. If it is in your power, reader, please pass this on to them. Check the local pub, they’re obviously not working sober.




    Friday, June 27, 2008 1:49 PM