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  • I work in a K-12 school district that has a centralized infastructure.  27 schools using dozens of Windows servers for thousands of computers all connected in one domain.  We do not allow non tech department people to have any administrative access to machines, and no access to servers.  This is great for security but stinks when a teacher would like to have control of the 'favorites' folder on lab computers or other things.  I was hoping you could take a few of these suggestions back to the people at steady state and see if they can add these functionalities into the program.
    First it would be nice if the admin computer (I will refrence this as the 'teachers computer' from here on out) could have viewing capabilities of a clients screen.  Possibly commanding the screen if needed (Merging Steady State with Shared View ought to do it) -  and the ability to show multiple client screens at once .
    Second would be the ability to group accounts into folders.  So if teacher A's class is meeting in the lab for instruction, the teachers computer would show "teacher A" and you could click on it and it would show those profiles on the clients.  Then teacher B could come in for the next class and do the same thing under 'teacher B"
    Third, Kindergardners are just learning to spell their names.  It's hard for them to log in.  CTRL-ALT-DEL is actually kinda hard for them while were at it.  It would be nice if a group could be loaded and logged in via a 'teachers computer'.  It would also be nice if they could open up programs en masse on all the screens while the kids watched at their terminals.  Example, a kindergarden teacher wants her kids to sit down at their assigned machines in the lab.  The teacher then has the ability to sign them all in with a couple of clicks at the teachers computer then open up IE and load the page she wants them to be on all from that teachers computer.  That would allow him/her to not spend time on rehashing how to sign in, then look for the E with the circle around it, then go to favorites - which actually takes up a ton of instructional time.  Classes are only 50 min, at leas 20-30 min can be spent just getting to the site or program that the teacher wants to show the kids.

    Thursday, December 10, 2009 5:21 PM

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