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  • Are there any feature and performance advantages over the builtin Backup and Restore of Windows7 vs. loading SyncToy 7 ? If so , what are they ?


    Thursday, September 3, 2009 5:29 PM

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  •  I just did a try with Win7 backup, base my experience they have a lot different. win7 builtin backup support a convinient way for you to backup and restore your  files. Synctoy automaticly compare the folder and files' changes, automaticly decide how to deal with the changes with the configuration you determined previously, and try to keep the folders be synced. Totally same or exclude deleted files, it is same.

    I suggest you have a try with those two tools. Then you can get more feeling about the tool.


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    Monday, September 14, 2009 9:11 AM
  • I think both tools are good, but my experience is:

    • Sync Toy is faster (my feeling says it is so, I have not measured this)
    • Sync Toy has more settings (sync, copy left-to-right etc.).
    • Sync Toy generates some extra (Sync Toy internal) files which could be considered as dirt on your hard drive.
    • Windows 7 Backup and Restore offer better possibilities to select more than one source drive to backup from. On the other hand Sync Toy offers you to set up multiple profiles which BU & R doesn't.
    • BU & R can easily be scheduled. Sync Toy is a bit trickier to schedule for the novis.
    • BU & R is a true backup and restore tool, whilst Sync Toy is a tool for syncing/copying files.
    • BU & R can automatically include system files to perform a full backup (an image basically) which easily can be restored.
    • One major disadvantage with BU & R is that it creates one image file, i.e. it does not just copy all the files you have included in your backup and place the copies on the target destination, instead there is one application-dependant image file. You must have BU & R in order to read the image file.

    I have used Sync Toy for more than a year, and is very happy with the tool. I have now tested Windows 7 Backup and Restore and like it since it is so easy to access and to use. I do not include system files, instead I use it solely for backup of "My Files", such as Documents, Music, etc. I have scheduled my backups from a (stationary) PC to a network drive once a week. But, as I highlight in the bullets, there are som pros and cons with both.

    My favorite is actually to use MS Robocopy and schedule it :-)  Powerful, lightning fast and totally configurable...


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  • Are there any feature and performance advantages over the builtin Backup and Restore of Windows7 vs. loading SyncToy 7 ? If so , what are they ?



    Let me share a thought too.

    We are using SyncToy in this cass:

    Small companies, that are still using one of the workstation computers as a central location of the company's files and then have the files from all computers be copied to a company-common folder on this "main" computer (and once a day archived on a single external HDD), but still the files need to be accessible by all computers. Windows B & R creates (i think) PC specific backups, which are also compressed and thus are not easily accessed by other computers. SyncToy, keeps files in sync and users can access the central location and use the files.

    But here is how both tools can be used together: A good scenario in this case might be:

    Let's say, a compay has 4 PCs, PC A is called to be the "main" PC. Share a folder on PC A, and move all the files from the other PCs in this folder. Also, specify a folder on each PC that is used for PC-specific files. Use SyncToy to auto copy the PC-spoecific folder to the sghared folder of the main PC. Then, once a day, configure Win B&R on PC A, to backup it's shared folder cotent on an ext. HDD. Also, you can have Win B&R create a full sys backup once a month (aside from the daily). Thus, PC A will gain the advantage of "Previous Versions" and easy restore and all the other PCs do not actually nbeed this. Probably, it is wise to have them be backed up in a Full PC BackUP once a month also.

    Hope this helps.


    Thursday, July 7, 2011 8:44 AM