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  • Hi Microsoft,

    So, when you click on support / contact us "For your Business" you have a magnificent section named License Management. And I was like... finally a place where I can manage ALL my licences... and that pointed me to the Volume Licensing site. And I got oh great, this also works for non Open / Volume contracts now ?

    I log in... and no where can I enter the licences I have.

    It would have been so great if I could manage every type of licences my business has at the moment in one single place. At the moment I have some on paper, on the cardboards provided by Microsoft for the no disk installs, in the office store, the Microsoft store.......

    So the question is, where is the forum for Microsoft Licensing Management ? And is there a way for me to write to ONE unique Microsoft system to manage ALL the licences the company owns whatever the type they are. OEM/Open/... (yes OEM too as if a hard drive crashes well, always good to have another place to store the key since some don't put the sticker on the metal)


    Wednesday, November 26, 2014 8:27 PM