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  • (FIRST NOTE: I am strictly using command prompt for educational purposes only! i am also using vista home premium, and have UAC turned off.)

    Well heres my scenario, i bought a laptop and the only user i have on it is named nick(which is admin, and the one I'm on currently), and there are no other accounts. when i go into cmd and type net users. the follow comes up:

    Administrator guest 
    Mcx1 Nick<-------this is me(but in control panel it says admin)
    and when i input: net localgroup administrator test/add
    in hopes of adding another user it says system error 5.
    so i try : net user test test/add and it says : the syntax of this error is blah blah, etc. etc.
    my next step was to run it as admin, but that didnt work, so i enabled the hidden admin user account through cmd and booted up, went on there, and input:net users

    Administrator guest  Mcx1
    the command completed successfully.     <---this shows up with the above.
    and by the way at this point i still cant create a user even when typing in correctly i still get syntax message. can someone please clarify wether or not my "nick" account is admin or not also what the whole mcx1 thing is and what it means when im logged into either nick or admin account?......ok Pt. 2

    next, from the admin account, in cmd i decided to type net view, and only my comp showed up. do the other comps. on my network have to have network discovery "on" in order for me to find them on my cmd?(all comps are on the same private network[my house]). next when i go to try the shutdown -i procedure, i typed in my second laptops name it failed saying that it couldn't find that comp on my network, so i did an ipconfig on my second laptop and typed the second laptops ip into the shutdown -i procedure(on the first laptop[nick]) and when i followed through with it, the cmd tells me access denied!...how can i fix  these various problems so that from the "nick" user i can A. find other comps on my network via cmd. B. create admin and non-admin accounts also via cmd(NOT CONTROL PANEL!) C. shutdown the second laptop from this one(incase my siblings use it without my permission)?
    Friday, February 18, 2011 9:44 AM