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  • Sorry I posted this as a comment and I meant it as a question, here it is again, thanks:

    When running dcdiag I get the following:

    Domain Controller Diagnosis

    Performing initial setup:

       * Verifying that the local machine SERVER NAME, is a DC.

       * Connecting to directory service on server SERVER NAME.

       * Collecting site info.

       * Identifying all servers.

       * Identifying all NC cross-refs.

       * Found 113 DC(s). Testing 1 of them.

       Done gathering initial info.


    Doing initial required tests


       Testing server: us-Spartanburg\SERVER NAME

          Starting test: Connectivity

             * Active Directory LDAP Services Check

             The host 971ef79d-2ffa-4da0-99cd-be98b00ff275._msdcs.decoma.com could not be resolved to an

             IP address.  Check the DNS server, DHCP, server name, etc

             Although the Guid DNS name

             (971ef79d-2ffa-4da0-99cd-be98b00ff275._msdcs.DOMAIN NAME.com) couldn't be

             resolved, the server name (SERVER NAME.scp-int.DOMAIN NAME.com) resolved to

             the IP address (XXX.XX.XX.XX) and was pingable.  Check that the IP

             address is registered correctly with the DNS server.

             ......................... SERVER NAME failed test Connectivity


    Doing primary tests


       Testing server: us-Location\SERVER NAME

          Skipping all tests, because server SERVER NAME is

          not responding to directory service requests

          Test omitted by user request: Topology

          Test omitted by user request: CutoffServers

          Test omitted by user request: OutboundSecureChannels

          Test omitted by user request: VerifyReplicas

          Test omitted by user request: VerifyEnterpriseReferences



    I have two DC's in this location, some of my users in other domains are unable to connect to my local shares and when I create new users I get the error that says that the Global Catalog Server is not operational.

    This is driving me crazy.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. 


    Wednesday, March 24, 2010 7:24 PM


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