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  • I'm new to the MS Cert process and had a few questions. (Sorry.. I'm sure you see these same ones a hundred times a day)

    Is MCDST a good start for leading to a MSCE/MSCA?

    I know the MCDST isn't an accepted elective for the MSCE/MSCA but from what I read you can upgrade the MCDST to the vista version and that counts?

    I would really like to continue working on an MSCE/MSCA but they're only available for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server... correct? By the time I get to that point will that be outdated?

    I work mainly with XP so I'm assuming the MCDST is the logical first step.

    Thank you
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  • If you have proficiency in the following skills measured for each exam listed below, then it is a good place to start:


    Also the MCDST is an acceptable elective for the MCSA 2003.


    Exams for the Windows 2000 track have already expired. So this certification is unachievable. I would not worry about the Windows 2003 exams expiring soon. Many companies will continue to run a Windows 2003 network for sometime. And exams normally expire with Microsoft ends mainstream support for the product.
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  • Thank you Micheal! I appreciate the quick response.

    Saturday, November 1, 2008 10:31 PM
  • This is pretty much the same path I'm following. I just finished my MCDST. I purcahsed the Microsoft Press books, and had a laptop with XP Pro on to tinker around with.

    I will soon be working on the Vista upgrade and after that work towards the MCSA/MCSE certs. From there I may or may not go for the Windows Server 2008 upgrade, that will all depend on where I am at that point.

    For me the MCDST was a nice path to start as it allowed me to get my feet wet in an area I was already fairly comfrtable with, I started with 'real' IT experience, as in I didn't have a job in the IT field. I did have my laptop that I could play around with and it did help, what really helped was when I actually got my IT job. So now that I've passed the MCDST and they've annouced here at work that we'll be switching to Vista in the next few months, I've upgraded my laptop to Vista and will be signing up for the online course and buyin the texts.
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