Report fun: tallying and averaging the days between steps in the sales cycle RRS feed

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  • Here's what I've got:

    I've seven steps in the sales cycle for my roofing company:
    1. Inspected
    2. Contracted
    3. Adjusted
    4. Negotiated
    5. Approved
    6. First funding
    7. Production

    And I need to write a report that averages the time in days a roofing jobs take to move through the process. Jobs are Opportunities.

    Even cooler would be to pick a date range and see that for the jobs that were Contracted in that range, they took 5 days to be adjusted, another 3 to be negotiated, another 6 to be approved, etc.

    The dates of each of the steps are trapped in the Opportunities tab. Does Dynamics even do something like this?

    You guys rock.
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  • I would create an advanced find view of the records that I was interesrted in seeing.
    Next, export to an Excel file.
    Using Excel, you can do any type of reporting, calculations, graphs.
    In addition, you can refresh the data from Excel without having to open the application.

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 12:11 AM