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  • Imagine 500 members earning more than 10000 points!!!! Is it possible in just 4 months???
    Thursday, February 15, 2007 3:49 PM

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  • dont think so but r u looking for 499th position or 1-10??
    Thursday, February 15, 2007 5:53 PM
  • i dont think there is anything like impossible .........work hard spend more time.....n u ll get it


    Friday, February 16, 2007 7:50 AM
  • ur right its abt attitude with which u take
    Friday, February 16, 2007 7:53 AM
  • yes .... hardwork is the only way....
    Friday, February 16, 2007 9:17 AM
  • Hi,
    You are right. But remember. This is Microsoft, here you dont set your goals to achieve what you dream of. Even people at Microsoft knows that 10000 is an impossible target. But keep your goals high. Shoot for the stars, even if you didnt reach it, atleast you would end up on the moon.

    Prathul Prabhakar
    Microsoft Student Partner
    Friday, February 16, 2007 2:52 PM
  • Everthing is posiible.....Keep working hard and mind active 100%
    Friday, February 16, 2007 5:22 PM
  •  kishan_MS wrote:
    Imagine 500 members earning more than 10000 points!!!! Is it possible in just 4 months???

    I don't think it is impossible ... but it is very very close to it.

    Friday, February 16, 2007 7:14 PM
  • Everybody is not a genious. But tthere may be few who can reach 10,000 points, the persons who is being active in the forums, taking part int he imagine cup, and msapp and also getting chosed into the finals. I guess they have an easy chance.

    But i guess there is still more chances to get points later on , through webimar/webcasts and whitepapers. lets see hwo much we can score from it :)
    Saturday, February 17, 2007 3:47 AM
  • Hard work gets payed.....

    Just give your 100 % and u can easily achieve the goal.

    Saturday, February 17, 2007 6:34 AM