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  • I use Lightroom to manage my images and store them in the DNG format (converted by Lightroom from their native RAW format). When I open the DNG files directly from my hard drive into ICE (without exporting from Lightroom) and then export the result as a panorama back to Lightroom as a tiff the image  looks heavily over saturated. However, when I export the DNGs to ICE from Lightroom as a tiff (Lightroom converting to tiff) and again export the result from ICE back into Lightroom as a tiff, the colours look normal. In-camera colour space is Adobe RGB and Lightroom export color space is ProPhoto RGB. ICE doesn't seem to have any options for tweaking colour management. Any suggestions?
    Friday, May 11, 2012 3:11 AM

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  • Interesting.  

    In order for ICE to read DNGs you would have had to have installed a codec (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/redmond/groups/ivm/ice/codecs.htm)

    ICE reads the color profile from the codec and then writes this same color profile to the exported panorama. For tiff files in and out ICE uses the built in Microsoft codec which correctly report the color profile.  For DNGs ICE requires a 3rd party codec, it is either not reporting the profile correctly, or we are not interfacing to it correctly. 

    Do you know what codec you are using for DNGs? If so I could perhaps test this on my end.

    Friday, May 11, 2012 4:58 AM
  • I checked the codec as best I could. I had Adobe's DNG codec installed, also the Microsoft Codec Pack (which doesn't seem to do DNGs) and also the FastPictureViewer codec pack (which supposedly does DNGs). I couldn't think of any way of working out what was actually being used.  I then uninstalled the Adobe and Microsoft codecs, with the result that ICE wouldn't read DNGs at all, despite having the FPV codecs. Then I reinstalled the Adobe DNG codec, which put me back where I was in the first place, with ICE merging the DNGs but producing odd colors in re-export to Lightroom. As a next step I guess I could try to take DNGs out of the installed FastPictureViewer pack, but I am pretty sure it wasn't installed at all when I first got the false colors, just the Adobe codec - and I am reluctant to mess with the FastPictureViewer installation because it does such a brilliant job with my three different kinds of raw files. I also note that Lightroom doesn't need the adobe codec installed to create or read DNGs, and that what looks odd in Lightroom after a re-import isn't a DNG, it is a Tiff and the image looks fine in ICE before it is exported. I am beginning to think the whole thing is more trouble than it is worth, because ICE does such an impeccable job blending my raw files natively with the FPV codecs - love that software - but would welcome any other suggestion you might have. In particular, should I expect any problems from not having the microsoft codec pack installed? - it seems redundant given that I  have the FastPictureViewer pack which covers all the same cameras.

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  • I typically use lightroom with CR2 or DNG,  Export to TIFF, sRGB, 16bit, no compression, 300 or 360 DPI And stitch the resulting TIFF files... Delete the tiffs to save space since the raw versions can be saved as a collection in LR. 
    Photoshop if needed and the resulting tiff should just be added to LR, not reimported as a DNG...

    You can set ICE.exe as an external viewer and it will automatically start stitching upon export from lightroom.  (Close LR after export if more memory is needed) 

    For anyone that doesn't have a specific display device, printer, phone, browser or intended audience in mind... export from lightroom to TIFF with sRGB profile.

    If all source images are DNG or CR2... exporting to TIFF and reimporting as a DNG seems to introduce a whole lot of unknown factors...

    Maybe create a reference file on another computer that just has LR or LR/Adobe Codec combo and see if there is an unexpected conversion process automatically occuring. 


    CAMERA RAW color profile note:  As I understand it, in camera setting for ADOBEsRGB or PROPHOTO do not have anything to do with CR2 or RAW images and only come into play if the camera is saving a JPG copy.  Raw data is just raw sensor data...

    Monday, May 14, 2012 3:25 PM
  • I have this very same issue...

    Camera shoots CR2 -> files get converted on import to DNG -> drop the DNG files in ICE :
    -ICE preview renders colors correct, so do exported JPEG or PNG formats
    -When saving as a TIFF or PSD file, Photoshop, Lightroom and Windows Photo Viewer render wrong colours.

    If I open the TIFF files in Photoshop and assign Adobe RGB to them, all colours appear normal (prior to doing this, Photoshop assumes that the TIFF files from ICE are using Prophoto RGB).

    I don`t have any other Codecs apart from the newest version of Adobe DNG installed. I do have Picasa installed, but as far as I know, that doesn`t install any system-wide codecs.

    Here are two pictures to illustrate this:

    one of the original files and ICE preview

    TIFF out of ICE, "converted" TIFF from PS


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