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  • hi,

    i need  help in upgrading my current system.

    i have SBS 2008 with (Exch 2007,SQL 2005,Sharepoint,backupexec 2010 for sbs) licenses.

    i want to make the enviroment more larger using the following:

    1)Apply virtulization

    2)apply the failover process(clustering)

    3)the environment must support adding terminal server,ERP server,exchange server,domain controller,backup manager".

    4)Storage that supports Raid (1 and 5)

    6)excellent UTM that supports (SSL VPN,Global VPN)

    7)suitable backup solution

    8)good antivirus for clients

    my questions:

    1)may you provide me with a good design for this environment

    2)what operating system should i choose :

               microsoft datacenter or enterprise

              as i know datacenter provide us with unlimited VM's but needs license per processor

             so if i have two clusterd servers i want to buy 4 licenses

              and enterprise support just 4 vms per license ..lets say we have two servers and hold 8 vms so wat will happened if server 1 fails..how can i migrate the 4 VMs on the failed server to the another clusterd server..?should i buy enterprise license?


    3)if i get SAN storage for data..how can i backup this storage..should i get another SAN?

    4)how can i upgrade SBS to stad alone server(windows standrad server) without losing the licenses like Exch 2007 ,SQL 2005,sharepoint.is it a must to buy a full std server edition or there is a way of upgrading (license wise i mean) ?

    5)what about win2k8 license for VM's:

    lets say that we have physical that has windows license so this enough to have windows for VM's or should i buy windows licenses for VM's?

    6)can i use backExec license for SBS with windows standard 2008

    7)which better for virtualization AMD or INTEL

    8)hyper V or VMware?

    9)what about Microsoft data protection manager..is it good?

    10)what about virtual machine manager ?what are the key benefites


    thanks in advance


    Sunday, December 11, 2011 7:15 PM