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  • This forum has become unusable.  It takes (one window is still waiting after 5 mins) way to long to load anything from this forum.  Are others having the same problem.  This is the only site (actually all forums under .NET Framework Forums) which is slow.

    Help this is really poor!


    Lloyd Sheen

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    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 10:47 PM


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  • The following is a typical Fiddler request stats for loading this page to put the Fiddler text in.

    Request Count:   1
    Bytes Sent:      6,294 (headers:6,294; body:0)
    Bytes Received:  10,336 (headers:688; body:9,648)

    ClientConnected: 18:52:22.735
    ClientBeginRequest: 18:52:44.755
    GotRequestHeaders: 18:52:44.755
    ClientDoneRequest: 18:52:44.755
    Determine Gateway: 0ms
    DNS Lookup: 0ms
    TCP/IP Connect: 90ms
    HTTPS Handshake: 0ms
    ServerConnected: 18:52:44.845
    FiddlerBeginRequest: 18:52:44.845
    ServerGotRequest: 18:52:44.845
    ServerBeginResponse: 18:54:12.035
    GotResponseHeaders: 18:54:12.035
    ServerDoneResponse: 18:54:12.128
    ClientBeginResponse: 18:54:12.128
    ClientDoneResponse: 18:54:12.128

    Overall Elapsed: 00:01:27.3734000

    RESPONSE BYTES (by Content-Type)
    text/html: 9,648
    ~headers~: 688

    The following are VERY rough estimates of download times when hitting servers based in WA, USA.

    US West Coast (Modem - 6KB/sec)
    RTT: 0.10s
    Elapsed: 2.10s

    Japan / Northern Europe (Modem)
    RTT: 0.15s
    Elapsed: 2.15s

    China (Modem)
    RTT: 0.45s
    Elapsed: 2.45s

    US West Coast (DSL - 30KB/sec)
    RTT: 0.10s
    Elapsed: 0.10s

    Japan / Northern Europe (DSL)
    RTT: 0.15s
    Elapsed: 0.15s

    China (DSL)
    RTT: 0.45s
    Elapsed: 0.45s

    Learn more about HTTP performance at

    As you can see it takes over 2 minutes to load one post.  NOT TOO GOOD!


    Lloyd Sheen

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 10:55 PM
  • It works fine for me (Europe, Poland). Links to posts from the outside tend tosometimes open slowly though - as in when I open links from google to posts on msdn.
    Thursday, May 24, 2012 6:04 AM
  • Luckily the problem is now fixed.

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