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  • I am using Win 10 laptop and sorting in resource handling photos and videos sequenced by Date.
    Some photos and videos (etc mp4 or mov format) do not have correct time. in JPG photos I can use Win 10 to change time, thats okay.
    But I needed to change time for videos so that all objects were sorted properly. I just dont know how.

    I have succeeded to change with PowerShell Creation date/time and Modification date/time for mp4 objects like this

    Set-ItemProperty .\20191127_124355.mp4 -Name CreationTime -Value "11/27/2019 0:44PM"

    Set-ItemProperty .\20191127_124355.mp4 -Name LastWriteTime -Value "11/27/2019 0:44PM"

    But I cannot find syntax how to change Media creation date/time which I suppose WIN 10 is considering as Date in resource handling panel. Can you help me!

    Friday, January 10, 2020 4:48 PM