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  • Help!  I just noticed the Home Server Console 'Computers & Backup' tab has gone missing. My several Pcs appear to be backing up, and the icon in the computer tray still allow me to do a manual backup, but the tab itslef which allows me to amend backup schedules and add new PCs has vanished.

    I did a search on the internet and noticed several people have had this problem. To date everyone seems strangely silent on answering this issue. I saw a couple of people suggesting reinstalling the server software (imagine doing that on a corporate server every time something went wrong!), but those brave enoguh to do that reported that it didn't fix the problem.

    Has anyone esperienced this and is there a solution? Or is this a 'bug' or 'feature' we'll have to wait till 1.2 to be fixed?


    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 1:07 AM


  • Hi,
    Have you tried resetting the Console? It can sometimes clear errors.
    Also, have you installed or removed any Add-Ins recently as this can cause this error.

    Note that this isn't a corporate server and they also don't have the facility to reinstall their operating system and rebuild all user data in a simple fashion. A re-install is quick and easy, it's only the rebuild that takes any time.

    I would guess it's a bug, not a feature and there is no mention of this being fixed by any future versions as far as I know.

    It would be worthwhile going to the Connect site and reporting this as the software team do monitor the site pro actively. Although it refers to PP1, just follow the instructions in this post to send your error report.


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    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 11:52 AM