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    I submitted the following question to the WCF forum but have not yet received a response. Perhaps it is not the best forum. Would one to do with architecture and choice of technologies be more suitable?

    "Last year I spent some time getting to grips with the Configuration Service which could be downloaded with the Stocktrader example. I was thinking about using it to manage my organisations data services, etc. Since then I have blinked (been sidetracked) and when I come back I find Framework 4 Beta 2 has been released and that there are significant changes to WCF (e.g. default endpoints and greater integration with work flows). Also there is App Fabric. Is there any point in continuing with my plan to utilise the Configuration Srvice, for example is there anything new in Windows 2008 R2, AppFabric, etc which will do the job? "

    Thursday, December 31, 2009 12:16 PM