Synchronization of Files between Mobile Device (PDA) and Server/Desktop RRS feed

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    I'm just trying out to get familiar with the Sync Framework. I've tested some NTFS provider samples which work well doing the sync between various PCs in a network.

    My ultimate goal is to use Sync Services for File Systems for Synchronization of Files between Mobile Device (PDA) and Server/Desktop.

    In our scenario until now all is done manually :
    - record/check file changes on both sides (remote access via web services)
    - detect files to transfer
    - transfer of Bytes

    Now I recognized the Sync Framework for Windows Mobile (Devices) - CTP1. That's great I thought, but then I've noticed that neither metadata storage nor file sync provider functionality is included.

    1. Is there any hope to get these features soon?

    If Sync Services for File Systems won't exist for File Synchronization between PDA and Server I can't see any benefit in our scenario to change using the Sync Framework. Nearly all functionality still has to be done brand-new manually.


    2. In the moment often several reruns are necessary in our scenario because the wireless connection is down and therefor files are not transferred completely. In future development: For incomplete files the transfer must not start from scratch but at the last byte/package transferred.
    Are the SyncServices for Files intended to be used like that ?

    Saturday, September 6, 2008 11:46 AM


  • Thanks for the feedback.

    We are looking into including metadata store for the deviced and we will look into the file provider request too.

    Also note that we are dependent on the file system in the scenario you describe. So if the connection interrupts and the file is only half-transferred, it has to start back again unless it is spooled to disk in a temporary location and the next sync sessiosn will understand this and pick it up. Unfortunately this does not happen now with the sync framework and I will pass along this request to our team.


    Thursday, September 18, 2008 5:54 AM