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  • I changed my Hotmail.com password on my pc using Microsoft Edge.

    The next time I went to view my email on my iPhone, which I always use when I do not take my pc with me, using its native web browser Hotmail noticed that the cached credentials had changed and redirected me to this page: https://login.live.com/pp1600/. 

    There would have been no problem had the page allowed me to enter my new credentials, it was the expected behaviour, so it could cache them again and continue working as usual. The problem is that all I see is a blank page with the Windows logo at the top and a cookie warning.

    So I tried entering the url for the Hotmail login credentials instead but that too showed a blank screen.

    If I tap on the blank page, there some areas that contain hidden controls. I tried finding the username and password textboxes but couldn't. I did find by "blind tapping" the white screen a hyperlink to another page, so there's likely to be a css with style "visibility:hidden" (not display:none) hiding all the content until a Javascript runs. Maybe the page is expecting me to accept the cookie notice to render the contents visible, but there is no button to press. All I see is a blank page and am going beserk as I happen to read my email on my phone all the time.

    I have tried emptying the iphone browser cache, adding the Hotmail credentials to the iphone account settings and switching the phone on and off. Nothing works.

    The problem is within the Hotmail mobile reset login credentials page, which is not the same one used by pcs as Hotmail does not use responsive pages. The page ("pp1600") happens to render blank on my phone.

    So as last resort I tried contacting the Hotmail live support, the online contact us automatic assistant appears to give you the possibility to send an email to the support staff explaining the problem, but its an illusion as the wizard closes off by launching Hotmail with the inbuilt "Help" documentation visible, so you don't actually get the chance to email someone for assistance. 

    The next thing I'll do is ask someone if I can use their iphone and try to see if they have the same problem with the Hotmail login screen. Hotmail probably uses different pages based on iPhone browsers and models and I may need to disinstall my browser and install a new one.

    Any ideas or comments are appreciated. 


    Saturday, March 21, 2020 2:38 PM

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  • Update: I installed Chrome on my iPhone and the login page was perfectly ok, allowing me to enter and save the new credentials. 

    So basically Internet Explorer is the problem.

    Hotmail mobile pages are probably using Ajax scripts which do not load launch with old versions of IE.

    Using a more up-to-date browser such as Chrome resolves the problem of blank pages.

    Saturday, March 21, 2020 3:53 PM