HP MediaServer disk lights? RRS feed

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  • I just had a case where what appears to be a perfectly normal disk suddenly went "dark".  WHS thinks the drive is "missing" but there is no light at all on the MediaServer for that disk (slot 3).  I think it should have turned red.  Oddly, a little later another disk (slot 4) went "dark" but seemed to go un-noticed by WHS which said the drive was still "Healthy".


    I couldn't get slot 3 to recognize the disk so I told WHS to removed and assume it was lost.  Slot 3 still dead with this drive even those it works fine in another PC.  So I told WHS to remove the slot 4 disk and it went through the process of moving the files to other drives. 


    Once both disks were out of the MediaServer then everything seemed ok.  I could plug both disks back into the MediaServer and the disk lights went red as expected and I could add them back into the pool. 


    What gives?  Did I get experience a nasty bug with the HP disk light driver or a hardware problem? 

    Tuesday, January 1, 2008 3:04 AM