Streaming AVI video to WMP 11 opens slow RRS feed

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    1. I have an HP MSS server, all the updates.  I have the Media Sharing turned on for photos, music, video.  On my Vista Business laptop, I open up Windows Media Player 11, go to Library->Video and then select User 1 on hpserver  on left column. Select All video (just like it says to do in the Microsoft Windows Homer SErver Media Sharing document).


    1. When I choose a wmv file, it plays immediately. The video screen also appears with the Now Playing list to the right. All the video files on the server appear. The wmv files show the length of the video (e.g., 4:30). The avi files don't show anything for the length.


    1. When I choose an avi file, it takes a long time to open. E.g., choosing an avi (which I know has a length of 5 minutes, 46 secs)  will cause Media Player to display "Opening media…" in the bottom left corner for almost 2 minutes before it plays. Longer avi files take longer. -- Also, when the avi file finally opens, the length is displayed, such as 5:46.


    1. However, If I simply navigate to the same file from Media Player using File->Open and browse to the file on the Windows Home Server, it plays immediately!  Why does opening the avi video take so long in #3 above? Can it be  fixed? WMV and mp3 music files open immediately.

    5.  I thought that maybe after opening up the avi the first time, it would open up more quickly the next time. But it makes no difference.


    Saturday, November 1, 2008 3:59 PM

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  • What is your network setup?  When you stream it could be "buffering the file" so that might explain the few minute if your network is slow.  I had a ps3 setup wirelessly and had slow browsing and load times streaming and it all went away when I wired everything up with a gigabit switch.
    athlon 3400, 2gb ram, 9 drives totaling about 3.5 tbs.
    Sunday, November 2, 2008 3:03 AM
  • Thanks for your reply. The network setup may be the problem, although I don't understand why larger WMV files play immediately, and smaller AVI files take minutes before play begins.

    The network setup is wireless running at "g" speed.

    I will trying connecting the laptop to the server via wired 100GB connection and check if there is any difference.

    I've been wanting to buy a PS3 to stream from WHS to the PS3 to the TV, but been hesitant because there seem to be so many problems with media streaming on the forums. I guess  your setup works fine. What is the file format of the videos? -- AVI?

    I figured if I can't get WHS to stream to WMP 11 (software) than I'm hosed when it comes to hardware (PS3, Xbox)

    Sunday, November 2, 2008 3:41 AM
  • The problem with streaming to PS3 is most converters want to convert PS3 format which is MP4.  WHS doesn't stream MP4's correctly, there have been ways around this that haven't worked for everyone.

    I've found that DIVX/XVID formats work perfectly.  Also for DVD's I just rename the VOB files to AVI and they work great at perfect DVD quality.  Which would stutter and have all sorts of playing issues when I was trying to use wireless G.  I bought a gigabit switch and wired everything and now not only browsing my videos and pictures faster, but I haven't had a single stutter and videos load extremely fast.

    "G" can be effected by many different variables.  Wireless phones, microwaves, etc.  I found streaming high quality videos was not reliable.

    athlon 3400, 2gb ram, 9 drives totaling about 3.5 tbs.
    Sunday, November 2, 2008 3:45 AM