2nd Reinstall solves a few issues with build 2.0.2500.10 RRS feed

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  • A few days ago furstrated over how Wloc 2.0.2500.10 was running compared to a previous beta build I decided to remove completely and re-install finally


    *Virus/spyware scans are not taking huge amount of time to scan compressed files first attemp build was a mess


    *Tune-up and defrag running a bit better.


    *performance plus activity needs a good swift kick in the You get the Idea


    *Tune-up completed with in a reasonable 1hr 45 minutes instead of 3 days


    *Complete Virus/spy scan completed in  hours not days like it was


    The thing that I have with this Wloc 2.0 should of had no issues when it was released My first install of 2.0.2500.10 should of been clean. Everything should of worked before but wasn't


    PS Where's that dang monthly report any ways it's going on a month oops wait I re-installed I gotta wait another month   



    Sunday, December 9, 2007 2:12 AM