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  • I want to ask and discuss about this idea on software piracy. As Microsoft is trying to avoid software piracy from years and years by one or other way. I just come up with one suggestion, This idea may not stop 100% piracy but will potentially stop software piracy to a greater extend.

    Why cant Microsoft use on board memory device upto 4 Gb and install operating system on  on board memory unit.  Install all rest f application on secondary memory?

    I am sure this will speed up the boots process.

    • Not anyone can make illegal copies of Windows and share
    • Chances of CD or DVD corruption will be less.
    • That on board memory stick will be “read only” mode for home and others  users.
    • Only authorized service center will allowed to up gradation the windows.
    • If any other software need to be installed then user will installed on hard drive.
    • Also Microsoft can sign some deals with other product companies for selling space in memory stick on board.


    I am sure by doing this piracy will stop to a great extend and equally will increase the profitability.

    I want to ask is this idea is feasible? If not then why?

    Sunday, May 6, 2007 4:52 PM