Make Tanjay default to Communicator calls for applicable contacts? RRS feed

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  • We have tanjay devices that we are evaluating along with OCS to see if we want to roll it out at our office.  Every time I tap a contact in the contact list I would expect the tanjay to dial that user using communicator but instead it tries to dial either the contact's home, mobile, or work number (Depending on what the contact information that particular contact has).


    Currently we aren't connected to external phone networks (We don't have a mediation server or gateway yet, as we are currently just testing internal communications).  Every time we try to dial an outside number from a tanjay device, we get an error message telling us that the call can't be completed due to "restrictions on your account".  This is what happens when I tap on a user's name from the main contact list.  (Indicating that the tanjay is trying to dial one of the external numbers).  If I tap on a contact's contact card and then tap communicator call, the call goes through without issue.  Beyond this issue, everything else with the system seems to be working correctly and the tanjay's seem to be functioning OK (Call logs, voicemail, and updates are all working correctly).


    I know on the PCs that the last number dialed for a contact becomes the number that will be dialed using the "quick dial" button on the contact list.  Is there a way to set the "default" number for the tanjay to dial?  What I find really strange is that when I first set the system up (We currently only have 2 tanjays), my phone dialed contacts using communicator calls when I tapped on their name on the tanjay's contact list but the user on the other phone experienced the issue I described above.  I know it wasn't something with the phone itself as he logged in as me and I logged in as him and my tanjay with his account on it exhibited the issue and when we switched back (His account on his phone and my account on my phone), my phone went back to normal and his phone started exhibiting the issue again.  To make things even more confusing, this morning my phone started having the same issue even with me logged in to it.


    Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before?  Anyone have any thoughts on what could be the issue and why I didn't have it and now I do?  Is there a way to tell the tanjays what the default phone number should be?  Also, does anyone know the dial order of the tanjay or how to set it up?  (Such as, call communicator if available, if not use work # if available, then cell # if available, then home #)  Any ideas would be great!  I need to get this figured out before I report to my boss on the OCS system. 






    Tuesday, June 17, 2008 10:45 PM