Is it true, as a Microsoft Certified Practitioner, I am able to open a PC or Laptop without voiding the warranty? RRS feed

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  • Upon acquiring my MCDST, my instructor told me that I was now able to open up and look at/make repairs to a PC or Laptop without voiding the warranty.

    Is there any truth to this?


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  • Hi,

    I am not a lawyer but from my understanding this completly depends on the local law. In germany we have quite strict laws which exactly tell you who is allowed to do what. Everything is protected by guilds.

    The general law here (from my personal understanding) is, that opening the case of a computer or laptop will not void the warranty if it is done properly by someone who knows what he is doing. regarding repairs people are only allowed to change components. We are not allowed to repair a component except you have the required exam!

    But more important than all this is:
    The manufacturer might say: The "label" is broken - no warranty! And then you have to go to a lawyer, maybe the case goes in front of court ... and all this takes much much time. So think twice if you want to do this! Your customer might be upset because he normaly says: I have warranty! - he does not care if it comes from the manufacturer or from you! So maybe he even gets you in front of court!

    But all this depends on local laws! Check them carefully - maybe ask a lawyer!

    And then do it like any manager is doing it:
    - What benefits can you expect? (e.g. income from work as technican)
    - What risks do you have to take?
    - What can be done to reduce the risks (e.g. insurrance (=Move the risk to someone else), get a training from some manufacturers (=reduce the risk), ...)

    And in general: I doubt that a Microsoft Certification gives you the knowledge to open and repair laptops! You need a training from the manufacturer so you know the system! Maybe you break something because you open the case incorrectly! The microsoft certification just tells, that you know how to support operating systems. It says nothing about hardware manufacturers, hardware models, how to change components, how to open different cases, .....

    With kind regards,


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