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  • I am having a problem with getting a false error with the script below. The false error is random and I am looking for help to determine why the error is happening. Below is a sample of a false and real error.

    False Error

    "This file was the last file to process:  at"

    What a real\legit error looks like:

    "This file was the last file to process: \\jcc.jcc.com\omafiles\SPC-ProductionDatabases\Mailstream\1.66750400 14023 RPT10.pdf at 10/10/2014 09:27:25"

    $file=Get-ChildItem -path \\jcc.jccsystems.com\omafiles\SPC-ProductionDatabases\Mailstream\* -Include *.pdf |
        Sort LastWriteTime -desc |
        Select-Object -first 1
        Where-Object{ $_.LastWriteTime -gt ([DateTime]::Now.AddHours(-14)) } 
    if ($file.LastWriteTime -gt ([DateTime]::Now.AddHours(-14))){
        # file newer than 10     
        # file older than 10
            Subject='Please check the Electronic Process'
        $body="This file was the last file to process: $($file.Fullname) at $($file.LastWriteTime)"
        Send-MailMessage @mailprops -Body $body

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  • Not a false error in fact it is not an error at all. It is just the message that you wrote in your script when it process null values.

    I recommend fixing the script so that it does what you want with null values.

    The problem is one of a lack of understanding when you get nothing back and that nothing will not have a file name.

    To state it simply - if the file does not exist you will always execute the "ELSE" clause with a null file name.

    You have a design problem. You have to figure out what to do if NO file is found.


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