Firewall changes ip address given by router RRS feed

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  • I've set up my router to hand my Vista machine the same ip address each time it starts up.  I'm doing this so Oracle 10g will work.


    All is fine if the firewall is disabled, if the firewall is enabled however I never get the fixed ip address that I requested.  (I never had this problem with Norton's firewall, BTW).


    For now the firewall is disabled Sad  (actually, what would the symbol for scared be?)


    Is there anyway to tell the firewall to use the given ip address, or to tell it to use a different, fixed ip address?


    And, yes a pox on the house of Oracle for requiring a fixed ip address.  (9i didn't require it!)


    (Vista Business, quad core, 4GB ram (only 2.75 usable ):< ), netgear wireless router, this machine attached via wire however).






    Sunday, March 9, 2008 9:59 PM


  • Why not simply configure your adapter settings on the Vista machine to *have* a static IP address instead of telling it to obtain one from the router?

    If it were a laptop that also connected to other networks, it would be a bit more work to configure the adapter to use DHCP on some networks, while being static on the specific network, but it can be done. Since it sounds like this PC is a desktop that only connects to a single network, configure the connection on the Vista side to be static and all should be fine.

    I can't imagine how the OneCare firewall is inhibiting the assignment of a specific IP address by the router, which should be based on the MAC address of the adapter and have nothing to do with the firewall, assuming that the rest of the connection - gateway, DNS, etc - are all passed correctly to the machine.




    Monday, March 10, 2008 2:07 PM