Stop marking random replies as answers! This renders the forum absolutely useless and drives away a huge group of your userbase. RRS feed

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  • Usually, before even considering posting to this forum, I consider to use other sources of help such as serverfault or stackoverflow or superuser, or one of many others.

    This forum has driven me mad in each and everyone of my questions!
    Your moderators should stop to mark their own answers!
    They should stop to mark arbitrary replies as answers!

    No, my question is not answered! Stop doing this to me! Stop telling me that my problem has been solved, when in fact it is not solved. Stop harassing me!

    Once again I learned I must stay away from thos forum with its countless unqualified moderators!

    The single person who should have the power to mark a question as solved should be the QUESTIONER!

    Posting in this forum is and has been an absolute waste of time because 10 minutes later some asshat moderator comes around the corner to mark your question as solved, because the sun is shining, his shitter hasn't clogged yet or what the fuck do I know what reasons they have for marking everything as solved.

    Fuck me dead...

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    Thursday, August 4, 2016 12:16 PM