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  • Hello all.
    I've tried to search the community for an issue like this one but didn't find this specifically and so here it goes.
    Recently I've detected a strange behaviour on exchange rates in CRM.
    In a normal business environment of course we will be updating exchange rates frequently having impact on pricing as it's supposed to. So far so good.
    The problem is: when we have an invoice issued we have an exchange rate at that point of 1.5 for example. After some time we update the exchange rate, let's say to 1.8. After this, if we click Invoice Paid on the Invoice entity, CRM will update the exchange rate of that invoice with the latest one 1.8.

    From a business point of view this should never happen. When we issue an invoice, or even a final order, everything should be lock. Thats the final price the client agreed to pay at a specified exchange rate of the moment of that same issuing.

    I made some tries to solve the issue experimenting with the lock prices out of the box that blocks any update of price lists to update a locked order or invoice. Nevertheless this didn't worked out because it doesn't affect the exchange rate update that happens on the updates of the entity....apparently...

    I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and what workaround did you use to solve this....

    Thank you

    Humberto Gloria
    Tuesday, October 7, 2014 9:51 AM

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