ran a 'Combine' music folder sync to external hard drive and dont know why i have 2,000+ deleted files. RRS feed

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  • started using synctoy for the first time today and ran a sync to my external hard drive of my music folder from my computer. i used the COMBINE sync as i basically just want whats on my computer, onto my drive. i want whatever is already on my external to stay put and such. after the process completed i see i have 2,132 files (mostly mp3's) in my recycle bin and wondered where they came from, why they were deleted, and what not. are they some sort of duplicates? i removed one completely from the bin and the track still worked in my iTunes. i dont want to wipe the bin in fear of losing some of these songs. so any explanation would be awesome.

    also, i found a guide online that had a "contribute" option, which sounds like it is what i want, but my version of synctoy doesnt have that. was that feature removed from an earlier version, or do i not have the newest version somehow?


    Wednesday, September 15, 2010 9:42 PM