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    I am trying to import a solution and its erroring out telling me that another solution is using contact records and then it shows me the GUID not the solution name which is incredibly frustrating because I have searched all over Google and have no idea how to find a Solutions GUID.  I know how to find a records GUID but not a solution. 

    [entity] Contact - A managed solution cannot overwrite the OptionSet component with Id=cffd6c53-fa2a-4037-b2e1-37a01788d35c which has an unmanaged base instance.  The most likely scenario for this error is that an unmanaged solution has installed a new unmanaged OptionSet component on the target system, and now a managed solution from the same publisher is trying to install that same OptionSet component as managed.  This will cause an invalid layering of solutions on the target system and is not allowed.

    Monday, August 18, 2014 3:51 PM

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  • So two things to do:

    1. Unzip the solution and search the raw files for that GUID in the Contacts Attribute file (or really, all Attributes file)

    2. Check your solutions to make sure you're not installing a managed solution on top of an unmanaged one you need to keep.  Assuming you don't need to keep the data, you could delete that attribute and publish before trying to load the second, managed solution.

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    Monday, August 18, 2014 5:21 PM