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  • Guys, I heard that theres no virus for Linux as of now. I am surprised. Why is that no virus has been coded for linux.Is it that difficult.?

    Info please...
    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 12:48 PM

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  • Linux operating systems are typically difficult to infect because a virus writer must have administrative privileges to get into a system.

    But Linux users are particularly vulnerable because many do things like play games over the Internet.And, when they do, they often get careless and play in Linux's administrative mode, called "root."

    No virus is old news the first linux infecting virus is found by some Kou,the director of antivirus research at Mcafee.
    Wednesday, October 3, 2007 6:53 AM
  • The Linux operating system, along with Unix and other Unix-like computer operating systems, are generally regarded as well protected against computer viruses. However, viruses can potentially damage insecure Linux systems and impact their operation, and even possibly spread to other systems.

    Like other Unix systems, Linux implements a multi-user environment where users are granted specific privileges and there is some form of access control implemented. As such, viruses typically have less of an ability to change and impact the host system. That is why none of the viruses written for Linux, including the ones below, have ever propagated successfully to a large number of machines. Also, the security holes that are exploited by the viruses have been fixed shortly after (or more often, before) the viruses started spreading. So the viruses listed no longer pose any concern as long as the Linux system is updated regularly.

    The following is a list of known Linux malware:


        * Adm
        * Adore
        * Cheese
        * Devnull
        * Kork
        * Lapper
        * Linux/Lion (also known as Ramen)
        * Mighty
        * Slapper

    Computer viruses

        * Alaeada
        * Binom
        * Bliss
        * Brundle
        * Diesel
        * Kagob
        * MetaPHOR (also known as Simile)
        * OSF.8759
        * RST [1]
        * Staog
        * Vit
        * Winter
        * Winux (also known as Lindose and PEElf)
        * ZipWorm

    Thursday, October 4, 2007 7:31 AM