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  • I need to generate these following reports :

    • Retention period * On premise and cloud AD. 
    • Capture RAW data for a year from all AD servers.
    • Compound Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports and 
    • Compound Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports.
    •  Lockout report. When was it last lock out and lock out from where?

    This is the script I tried for Lockout report:

    $sAMAccountNames = Search-ADAccount -LockedOut | Select SamAccountName 
    $Details = $sAMAccountNames | % {Get-ADUser -Identity $_.sAMAccountName -Properties LastlogonDate,Enabled, AccountLockoutTime,LastBadPasswordAttempt,BadPwdCount,LockedOut} 
    $Details | Select SamAccountName, LastlogonDate,Enabled, AccountLockoutTime,LastBadPasswordAttempt,BadPwdCount,LockedOut | Export-Csv F:\ReportLogs.csv -NoTypeInformation

    And for the following scripts like grabbing data does anyone have advise on which script should I use to edit?

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