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  • Here is my idea.  We all know that very few people have the personal skills to become professional players within any league… Some because they’re too small others because they’re too big… and still others because they simply have no athletic skills at all.  What we all lack in physical ability are removed when we play video games… so why not make video games a sport… like year around leagues of Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, NASCAR, tennis and soccer.  Where computer gaming stores all over the country (world) fight to be number one within their store, then their county… then the state and then the country… and finally the world!  Where people actually join a league paying twenty dollars (and up) to join this league, and all players regardless of membership level pay twenty dollars every week to compete each week within this league… where 10 dollars is given to the world federation of computer gaming… five dollars is given to the computer gaming store owner… and five dollars is split between the personal, store, county and state… while the national and worldwide prizes are generated by fees paid to the world federation of computer gaming. 

    This could be broken down into three categories… 8 to 12 year olds play the four to six pm slots… these gonna play sport games anyway children can only play in the league with school academic grades of C or higher, while all winnings above 600.00 dollars are put into a trust fund until the child reaches 24 or graduates college… (can use winning to pay for college) whichever comes first.  The second category would be the 13 to 17 year olds who play 6 to 8 pm time slots.  They must also maintain a C average or higher… all prizes above the 1000.00 dollars per level of advancement are placed within a trust fund as well, save that money that can be used to purchase a vehicle and insurance… until the age of 24 or graduation from college whichever comes first.  And finally the 18 and above who will play the 8 to midnight time slots… weekends will be for those who wish to compete in Golf, Tennis and NASCAR.  What kind of money are we talking about?  Let’s use Football as our guide.  There are 32 NFL teams… so each store would need 32 monitors… no person will have access to the servers these games are played on… all servers are intraweb only and all information made public knowledge must be loaded onto a CD only… All players have to play with in-house controllers as well.  So that’s 32 players times 20.00 dollars each equaling 640.00 per slot… that’s two slots per 17 and under and four slots for 18 and above.  For a total of 8 sessions… 640.00 times 8 equals 5120.  That means the Federation of Computer Gaming receives half of that which equals 2560.00 per night… while the store receives a quarter of that amount, or 1280.00.  Now for the players winnings; For each time slot they pay 2 dollars towards the top winners for sixteen weeks… so that’s 32 times 2 times 16 for a total of 1024.00… if each time slot is filled then per age group that is 8 different time slots for each day of the week each adding 1 dollar toward the winner of the store per group… the total of all age groups is $15,360.00  or $5120.00 for the winner of both the 8 to 12 and 13 to 17 year olds. And $10,240.00 for the winner of the adult store winner.  The total for the county, state could easily reach the hundreds of thousands dollars for each county/state, while the winner of every country and the world winner could easily be in the millions maybe even in the tens of millions per country/world winner.

    How to sell and find sponsors… well first you have to make sure you can bring people into your store to play these new leagues.  One of the best ways is to promote the bragging rights that go along with being number one in the store, county and state… and the chance to make a ridiculous amount of money if you reach the National let alone the World stage… imagine someone trapped in a wheelchair since birth becoming world champion at football… everyone above 18 travels the world if they’re the world winner, and their own country if they’re their countries winner… let alone you will pick one game per week to show up on the big screen inside the store… while the world federation of computer gaming will pick one game per week to feature on their website for the whole world to see.  Parents will easily pay twenty extra dollars a week that demands their kids maintain a C average, let alone a chance to capitalize on all that money they spend on computer games that their child has just got to have.  Recognition sells at every age level.  I believe this will grow by leaps and bounds within five years.  All that is needed is to find people all over the world who have the fire to make this happen.

    To help keep people from quitting the league because they are dead last in their store league, have side pots… like the most sacks, touchdowns, home runs, strikeouts, goals, three throws, eagles… etc…  plus make the punishment a one year suspension from the league if someone quits the league for anything other than health issues.  I could give you more ideas but I’m not getting paid anything to do this, I’m giving this away for free and I am asking for nothing in return, other then I hope this idea finds the right people and new jobs can be created around the world.

    This is the beginning of my idea... do you have ideas that will create jobs?  If so why not present those ideas here.

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  • Finding companies to help finance this twenty first century league of games should not be to difficult if you can show how they can benefit... which shouldn't be to difficult to convince these companies.  There are three companies that should jump on this idea pretty dang quickly… one would be Microsoft for their server software and gaming controllers… EA sports for their gaming programs... and Sony for their monitors.  Obviously these three companies are not the only ones who could benefit greatly from these computer games of/for worldwide competition…. The good news is each of these companies are already geared towards each side of this business, server/game controllers, game software and HD monitors.  Nothing needs to be created it simply needs to be brought together under one roof… the big question you will need to answer is why would people pay to go to some place when they can have all the bragging rights in the privacy of their own home.  The answer is personal recognition, we all crave it… to go to a building with hundreds of other people who know you are the best… to then move on to thousands of people and then possibly hundreds of thousands… and then for the lucky few… millions of people know you are the best in the world... not to mention the monetary reward and your face is known to the whole world... they get to  hear what you have to say, to be treated like a superstar for playing a computer sports game and being the best in the State/Country/World...  not to mention all the dates these computer gaming superstars will enjoy.  People will flock to these Official Gaming Sites because it allows regular people the chance to be recognized around the world... or moment in the spotlight... that if it wasn't for playing games they would play anyways... and now these regular nobodies have a chance to become rich and famous... rich and famous sells!

    Levels of membership cards for the Worldwide Federation of Computer Gaming, my idea is there should be four levels of membership; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

    (all memberships are for one sport only save for Platinum members each is good for only one gaming year.)

    $20.00 Bronze equals the right to compete for world title.

    $50.00 Silver equals the right to compete for world title and emailed worldwide states to their free email account and newsletter... plus free online practice of chosen sport.

    $100.00 Gold equals the right to compete for world title with all the benefits of silver, plus a personal physical copy of game of choice and access to worldwide federation forums and newsletter.  With the added bonus; their own web page with a personal picture of each Gold Member and a place to put their personal story.  (Everyone under 18 years of age must register their information at an official gaming site with parents or legal guardian present… the only way information will be posted on the Worldwide Federation of Computer Gaming website is the Minor, Parent/Legal Guardian, and Official Gaming Site personal witness and confirm Parent/Legal guardian agreed to make minors personal information be made public.)

    $160.00 Platinum equals the right to compete for world title with all the benefits of Silver and Gold, and the ability to choose a total of 4 sports to compete within that gaming year.

    Each of these membership fees are for one year and are sent to the Worldwide Federation of Computer Gaming.  Only Gold and Platinum memberships will be divided between Official Gaming Site and the Worldwide Federation of Computer Gaming.  Official Gaming site(s) will be allowed to keep 30.00(for Gold) and 40.00(for Platinum) for the physical copy of said game and 10.00 (Platinum only) for time spent to organize and monitor information presented on the Worldwide Federation of Computer Gaming Official Website.

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  • One of the major concerns for any investor will be how are you going to protect children while they are on the property?  The insurance for such a business could be outrageous unless precautions are taken.  You must realize if you are bringing 13 to 17 year olds together under a single roof… that could be ripe for sexual predators and drug pimps.  Let alone outside the business location children will be hanging around outside… somehow that has be controlled!  The easiest way to help limit loitering is to make that part of the membership… ie no hanging around/loitering outside the business once your league is over for the night… unless waiting for a parent or legal guardian...  Even though any serious attempts to enforce/punish members would do more harm than good in the long run, let alone that does nothing to help protect children from unsavory characters who are not part of the league.  The only real answer is to capitalize on these issues… safety and doing everything you can to create a safe haven for children to hangout within… however there should be two areas for adults and children... or no children under the age of 16 may be inside or around the property during adult league unless they’re with their parents or legal guardian.  Because there are thousands of empty department stores and warehouses nationwide (here the United States)… that just might be the answer.  Where the official gaming room is sealed behind thick glass windows… while the rest of the area is a food/drink/coffee/gaming court with camera’s everywhere.  And all children under the age of thirteen must wear panic buttons on their wrists at all times.  Where if a panic button is pushed at least one camera is automatically and instantly zoomed towards that area and a team of employees is dispatched to that location.  The other thing would be to create a relationship with the local authorities/police departments… maybe even creating a small rent free police depot inside the official gaming center itself.  Of course this is all dependent upon the size of the building.  Smaller cities and towns may simply seek volunteers from those parents whose children will be playing during those time slots to help save on costs.  All floor staff should have walkies-talkies and some kind of recording device on their persons for added security.  This helps against any he said she said scenarios.  The main point of this added suggestion is to help any people who are seriously considering my idea, that you must also consider the security and safety requirements/concerns local officials and parents might have.   Bringing this many children together in one place outside of official capacity in our day and age could potentially create a high risk situation, yet that doesn’t mean we should live our lives in fear… going the extra mile to help protect young lives from themselves and malcontents could help relieve many of those fears… while helping to promote a positive imagine for this organization.


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  • How could you turn this into a yearlong and year after year business?

    The easiest way to promote each of these games is to do so at the height of each of these real professional gaming seasons.  Football could be started in June and played for sixteen weeks per slotted league/or start at the end of February and be completely finished before September, thereby preventing the official professional sport teams from potentially losing viewers chasing a computer gaming title… or maximize the hype of each sport by starting the Computer Gaming season to start with the Official opening date for each sport.

    Now to find the store winner for let’s say Football, have the top two or three players from each age group/slotted league compete every day for up to two weeks to find out who the number one player per age group is for the store.  Once the top two or three winners from each store has been announced then bring together all the winners within that county to play for one week at a single location… and then bring the top two or three winners from every county and have them all fight to be number one in the State… in the United States that could equal up to 50 players… which means you could need two leagues… American and National… one blue one red… not to mention because there are 32 NFL teams that means for those two leagues there must be 32 players/people per league for a total of 64 slots.  You could then have a playoff between each State's second place finishers until the last 14 slots are decided… or you could have some kind of raffle for the whole league within each country… where even if a player finished last in their slot, they could still win a chance to compete for their Country and World Title.  Say one or two slots are random draws.  From beginning to end each season would take around 4 months each… while finding a country/world winner could take a total of 6 months per sport… ie the same would be true for Baseball and Basketball Computer Gamers.  As you can see some of these games would overlap so each Official gaming site would have to either provide enough computer screens to accommodate each sport so as to maximize profits, or each smaller gaming center around the country/world could choose which sport(s) they want to officially represent. Like; there could be some countries that would only want to play soccer… and some official gaming stores that may not want/find people to play golf or NASCAR.  Not to mention this would increase the number of dues paid to the Federation of Computer Gaming, especially if gaming centers are able to choose which sports best fits their communities desires and/or profit potential in those smaller markets that exist all over the world.

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