Cannot play .mov files from WHS on Win 7 pc via Explorer RRS feed

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    This is my first post. If I were to rate myself on computer knowledge i would rate myself as a 5/10. I basically know enough to be dangerous or enough to follow instructions. I recently built my own WHS by recycling an old HT P4, a few 500GB SATA drives and a PCI to Sata card. Everything seems to work and data transfer rates are comparable to what others are posting for a 100MegaBit network and Wireless N.

    I don't stream or access video/music from my WHS with WMC. I have not been able to see the benefit (perhaps thats what i need to do to solve my issue?). Moving forward...If i want to play a video or look a pictures on my Win 7 Laptop, I just access the WHS under Network in windows explore and drill down to the file im looking for, then double click or right click and use the open with function to select the software i want to use. I have used this method for years to access shared folders on other PC's on my home network.

    The only file type that i have an issue with is .mov files that are taken with my Canon T3i. I have tried WMP 12.0.7601.17514, VLC 1.1.9 and QT 7.5.5 and all behave the same way. It freezes and skips frequently for the entire video over wireless and wired on my Win 7 laptop. The files play fine (in VLC anyway) if they are read directly from the SD Card or loaded to the HD in the Win 7 laptop

    I also use a WD Live Player for my TV which is hard wired and it has the same problems for .mov movies, but no problems with other .avi/.divx type files. 

    I saw a similar post here (http://www.pcmediacenter.com.au/forum/topic/39092-playback-of-mov-files-is-terrible/) but there is no resolution.

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 11:05 PM