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  • First I would like to commend Doug Berrett for creating this ingenious program. It is fantastic.

    I originally purchased the first version of WebGuide and loved it! So after getting my HP MediaSmartServer and seeing that I could integrate WebGuide on it, I did.


    If you are like me, the purpose of using WebGuide WHS was to access my videos, pictures and music from my WHS machine, since that is where they are stored.


    But the WebGuide interface is specifically for accessing these stored files via the Internet…..that is the best part!


    So now I wanted family members in other locations across the globe to be able to see these items.


    What I didn’t want!


    I didn’t want to have to create Users/Password for each family member in my WHS Console and give them “Remote Access” authority.

    I didn’t want them to have to go thru my WHS home page or my WHS remote access page to view WebGuide.  I didn’t want a link on these pages.


    What I wanted:


    I just wanted to send a link to my family members and they just type in a username and password (that I had created in the Web Guide configuration) and they could access Web Guide.


    I was able to accomplish this with the following steps:



    (Be advised….I am not in front of my WHS machine at this time and trying to recreate the steps from memory….I hope the steps are correct)





    Ø      Remote Desktop into the WHS machine


    Ø      Click on Control Panel….Administrative Tools


    Ø      Click on IIS Manager(Internet Information Services Manager)


    Ø      You should see Web Sites…..Default Web Sites….Expand Default Web Sites and look for  WebGuide…..Expand means to click the plus sign next to it to expand listings.


    Ø      Right Click on WebGuide and select Properties


    Ø      A Properties Window will pop up.


    Ø      Click on the ASP.Net tab


    Ø      On the ASP.Net tab you should see an “Edit Configuration” button….click this button and another window should display.


    Ø      Click the Authentication Tab…..On the Authentication Tab look for “Login URL”


    Ø      In the Login URL textbox it may say “/remote” or something else.


    Ø      Change whatever is there to “login.aspx”….click Apply….OK and OK to close other windows.


    Ø      This will force WebGuide to use the login page.




    Now I just send my family members a link with their username and password and they are able to view my WebGuide.




    The login screen appears….they put in the username and password that you sent them and they now can view photos…stream music and play, stream or download videos.


    That was the whole purpose…..wasn’t it!


    I have over 60 videos (DVDs….converted to WMV), 300 music files and 2000 photos on my web guide for my family viewing pleasure.


    Please note, that on the WebGuide interface if you click on home button/link….it brings me to my remote access page….I haven’t quite figured out how to keep this from happening….just a minor problem.


    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to send them to me.


    Clark Wheeler

    San Diego, Ca.



    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 4:59 PM

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  • Thanks for the post. I actually changed the value of the Login URL to "/remote/logon.aspx" and the webguide prompts me to login using the WHS login page. And, also the webguide 'home' link takes me to the WHS '/remote' url. 


    Still testing it though..

    Monday, April 7, 2008 4:36 AM