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  • We are using the CRM E-mail Router on our server to pass e-mails from a forwarded account (client's email address) into the CRM server. Once the e-mail hits CRM, a workflow is triggered that converts the e-mails into a Case record if the "To:" field matches the queue e-mail address or the "Subject:" field matches a certain string. However, we are getting the following error in the e-mail log on the server:

    #35241 - The recipients for the e-mail message with subject "subject" in mailbox mail [at] box.com did not match any known records.

    Most of the senders will not be listed as CRM users until after the case is created, when a user manually enters their personal information into a Contact record. Neither a fake user (source: Email router in CRM 4.0 reports warning 35241) nor ignoring the warnings (source: CRM 4 email application log error #35241) solves the problem. The System Jobs (Settings->System->System Jobs) showed that the workflow never started running, which seems to indicate that the e-mails never entered CRM.

    Why aren't these e-mail messages appearing in CRM?

    Wednesday, December 4, 2013 10:09 PM

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