Selcting Inbox it does not selct the last 15 messages but, out of the blue ALL your message, unlike before. It had DELETED permanently 3 years of messages. No RRS feed

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    With new version when I select with  check "Inbox" it does no longer cancel 15, but selects ALL MESSAGES I have in the inbox; while in the old one, in order to select ALL messages I had to click on "Select all folder".

    As I get lots of advertising (not junk), I am used to select 15 and, among them uncheck a couple to save, deleting the other 12/14. This is why I went back to old version. But suddenly same problem. I had not realized as it came out of the blue, NOW I FIND HAVING MY PAST 3 YEARS MAIL, or more, deleted forever; and for some reason I cannot recover them form Deleted folder (also, in the deleted folder there are 1300, most of them useless garbage, while the system had deleted something like 5000). I am desperate, I had lots of IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS saved in my mailbox. 

     Hotmail was my preferred choice back in 2001 but it's getting worse and worse; I also use Gmail and, unfortunately I find it better. Besides the fact that the search box often doesn't retrieve message that ARE IN the inbox. PLEASE HELP!!! rdoghetti@hotmail.com
    Friday, February 1, 2019 7:52 AM