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  • So,

    Last night I was having dinner at a friends house, and as it always happens when people know you work in the IT area, her mom asked me for help with her PC, turns out she had unintentionally installed Windows Live OneCare, I ran the uninstall and rebooted, but it looks like instead of uninstalling all it did was corrupt the program, cause now when you boot up it tells you Live OneCare could not start up and that internet access is blocked until the administrator turns it on, however it cant be turned on.

    The service Windows Live OneCare is still listed in the list of services but it is stopped and it won´t start, so now she can´t get any browser to reach the internet....

    I already tried using this but it didn´t help:

    Any ideas? I left my friend´s mom without internet access, I should´ve just said I was too tired and that I would take a look at it another day...

    I can´t reinstall it either, I tried that to see if I could reinstall it and then uninstall it, but the installer gives me an error and shuts down.
    Saturday, September 20, 2008 4:27 PM

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  • Lizano,


    Thank you for visiting the Live OneCare program forum.


    Sorry to hear about your situation. As an IT person, we know that each PC has a little personality of it's own. Hopefully you've explained this first to your client/friend. One thing I look for when it comes to learning about an accidental install of an AntiVirus suite is multiple suites being "in use" at the same time. I'd first try to "turn off" one or both. Next, I'd uninstall OneCare from the add/remove programs in the control panel (which I think you did). Then I'd reboot (which I think you did). Then I'd look for "untrusted antimalware programs" currently on the machine. And uninstall them until I was left with the one AntiVirus program the client/friend paid for (my reason for this is because some of those programs claim they protect the registry, startup programs, etc. when they may or may not cause issues like protecting remnants of old programs in those areas).


    At this point, you've tried the cleaup tool, which you said didn't work out. And this message ( Live OneCare could not start up ).


    1. I would quadripple check the control panel to verify OneCare is no longer in there. You could either, try reinstalling OneCare and then try uninstalling it again OR you can...


    2. I would quadripple check the control panel to verify OneCare is no longer in there. Then I would go to http://safety.live.com then click Full Service Scan then read through the service agreement and then click I accept if you accept it, then click Customize, then uncheck Comprehensive Scan, Disk Fragmentation Scan, and Open Ports Scan, then leave Registry Scan and Disk Cleanup Scan Checked. And click Next when this completes, reboot your machine. See if this helps.


    If the message still appears and you are an ADVANCED USER, I say this cautiously, you may want to check out the startup entries under regedit. You can try disassociating this in startup.


    Overall though, I understand our goal is to get OneCare to remove completely off the system.

    Try the above and post back if you still need assistance and we will go from there.


    Rick, MS

    Sunday, September 21, 2008 12:11 AM
  • Sorry for the late reply to your post. Based on your description and the subject line of your post, your friend has installed the Windows Live OneCare Family Safety program, which is off topic for this forum. Support for Family Safety can be found via http://support.live.com




    Wednesday, October 1, 2008 4:35 PM