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  • So I have an HTPC running Vista Ultimate which I hook up to my TV to stream my video content that is stored on a server running Server 2003 (I have converted all of my DVDs to AVI or MP4 format so I don't have to play shuffle disk when I want to watch a movie :). Works WONDERFULLY!

    So lately I have gotten the thought that I would like to setup my Xbox360 to do this for me so that I can do other things with this computer. I have successfully linked them together so that the 360 is reading the VistaMC no problem. The problem however is that the 360 cannot see any of my movies stored on my server (yes, a fully legal version of Server 2003). My HTPC is reading the server through maped drives to secret shares (don't need my kids finding the horror movie collection!), so I thought the 360 was having an issue with the mapped drives. I unmapped the drives and tried realigning the shortcuts to straight through the secret shares - no joy. I tried creating new open shares and realigning the video shortcuts through those - no joy. I tried creating an account on the server for "Mcx1" and giving it permission to the open shares (no password) - no joy.

    So how can I do this? I want my Xbox360 MC to reach through my Vista Ultimate HTPC and stream the video content that is stored on my server. Any ideas?
    Monday, October 19, 2009 3:29 AM


  • This is Windows Home Server Forums. Please ask your question on an appropriate forum or newsgroup, for example Xbox forums.
    Monday, October 19, 2009 8:01 AM